VFX Artist Reveals TRUE Scale of Attack on Titan!

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Wren dives deep into exploring the sense of scale in the anime Attack on Titan. The Corridor Crew put a lot of effort and long hours into making this one, as you can tell by the large amount of VFX.

Shoutout to two artists who helped make it happen!!
Lucas Knepper provided the Armored Titan and you can find him on twitter at LucasTom21
ChunkkaDraws provided us with a Colossal Titan! He made more too but we unfortunately couldn't fit them in the video. SketchDasher

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  • Ku Dastardly
    Ku DastardlyПре 29 минута

    0:43 Nancy Pelosi's seen better days lol.

  • animeperson
    animepersonПре сат

    You should animate the rod reiss titan in the city, that would be so cool, and Eren Yeagers founding titan.

  • TOMI
    TOMIПре 2 сата

    Can't wait to see the second half of season 4, but i hope one day you'll reveal us the true scale of Naruto's Kurama mode and Sasuke's Susanoo, maybe even Ten Tails! Keep up the good work!

  • Margaret Smelser
    Margaret SmelserПре 2 сата


  • jonny G
    jonny GПре 8 сати

    I know I wasn’t the only one waiting for him to show the 120meter rod titan

  • Fxr2209 plays
    Fxr2209 playsПре 10 сати

    the tallest of and largest titan eren founding titan im joke for you

  • kevin gonzalez
    kevin gonzalezПре 11 сати

    The selective date pharmacologically decay because kendo formerly guess around a messy beam. ready, clammy cormorant

  • Gamingwithroblox 11
    Gamingwithroblox 11Пре 11 сати

    i love attack on titan

    RFDGAMER djПре 13 сати

    Erm erm the largest titan is rods Titan

  • TristanDEntities:Random
    TristanDEntities:RandomПре 14 сати

    See you toxic Weebs. "Cartoon" is a general term. It doesn't just mean that "American Animation" . So stop arguing about Anime being a cartoon.

  • Isaac Plays
    Isaac PlaysПре 14 сати

    Corridor Crew: The largest Of all Eren: Let me Restart this story Ymir Fritz: Yeah umm.. Research me Rod Reis: Really? Past Founder's: This is a Joke. Right?

  • Michea Dolorenho
    Michea DolorenhoПре 15 сати

    The hypnotic peace beverly welcome because disgust invariably mess up versus a gaping quart. fluttering, careless river

    NAKIB RIYAD BIN NAJMI MoeПре 16 сати

    The largest one the colassal titan Me:Wat?Isn't the largest titan is Founding Titan Me again:*BLURRR*

  • Jayashree Saikia
    Jayashree SaikiaПре 17 сати

    Yeah I know everything

  • Nixtzy
    NixtzyПре 17 сати

    forgot something rod reiss titan when he is up staning on his legs hes 120m someething if you didnt knew like hes gonna see it

  • B09 Valentin,Penuel Roi T.
    B09 Valentin,Penuel Roi T.Пре 17 сати

    i think you are wrong cause the eren founding titan i think is the talles

  • zero
    zeroПре 19 сати

    The moment he said “it’s just a cartoon” the universe had to leave

  • VTEC shifters
    VTEC shiftersПре 19 сати

    Ur editing is realistic 👍

  • Alysa Fajard
    Alysa FajardПре 21 сат

    9:06 are those from Mixamo?

  • Narancia Meme
    Narancia MemeПре 22 сата

    Eren Yeager: am I a joke to you.

  • Todoroki_fanlol
    Todoroki_fanlolПре дан

    YEs the coolest and hottest person on the show LEVI ACKERMAN

  • Alexander Feterman
    Alexander FetermanПре дан

    Incredible fact-peppered, well-made video. Kudos extremos.

  • Ridley hate,s samus Cgtfbjjh
    Ridley hate,s samus CgtfbjjhПре дан

    They look like how ultra man fights.

  • craig anderson
    craig andersonПре дан

    9:06 Harlem shake :D

  • badabada
    badabadaПре дан

    I love how the colossal titans feet look like elephant feet because of how large and heavy they are

  • OB1 tuber
    OB1 tuberПре дан

    Sorry AoT defenders, there is no Titan, that can match Godzilla, in power at least, size is different, but still, they are trumped, standing in at 300 meters tall, Godzilla Earth is a giant

  • Minty
    MintyПре дан

    Spoilers: What? the largest titan is not colossal its beast titan

  • Minty


    Пре дан

    1st is Rod reis

  • The 3 Gamers
    The 3 GamersПре дан

    Thé founder is the biggest

  • Tyaishea Buggs
    Tyaishea BuggsПре дан

    So walked more Attack on Titan

  • Tyaishea Buggs
    Tyaishea BuggsПре дан

    Pig do you forgot Walmart checkout time to kinder who is more bigger that's quavo's cousin and member Godzilla or King Kong man

  • George B
    George BПре дан

    HA Gollum

  • George B
    George BПре дан

    The skull things the biggest


    the biggest titan is rod reiss is 120 meters tall

  • Salam Rajesh Singh
    Salam Rajesh SinghПре дан

    What the about the colossal and the Eren titan shifter?

  • Salam Rajesh Singh
    Salam Rajesh SinghПре дан

    What about the colossal titan?

  • Random_Videos_For_Random_People
    Random_Videos_For_Random_PeopleПре дан

    sound that i make after pooping out a big one 8:54

  • Gwyneth Fila
    Gwyneth FilaПре дан


  • 心優克己
    心優克己Пре дан

    The colossal titan looks like either Kong or Godzilla's kid wanting attention. 6:43

  • mrnuggetgamingz789
    mrnuggetgamingz789Пре дан

    Do you mean hottest

  • ayυѕн paтnaιĸ
    ayυѕн paтnaιĸПре дан

    8:34 looks like he broke his arm while editing the vfx

  • Never More
    Never MoreПре дан

    This video good

  • Aldo Wangke
    Aldo WangkeПре дан

    wow it looks better than the live action

  • Nin Trey
    Nin TreyПре дан

    "There's gonna be no spoilers, thats why you won't see any fishbones" ....damn the paradox in this sentence is abnormal

  • Winnifred Sullivan
    Winnifred SullivanПре дан

    The jagged ghana electronically injure because frog socially lick despite a open microwave. maddening, halting bag

  • Isaac gaming
    Isaac gamingПре дан

    You forgot rod reiss titan 120 meters tall

  • Jeet Joshi
    Jeet JoshiПре дан

    lmao..first spoiler @ 1:20

  • Jackie
    JackieПре дан

    Man i just want to enjoy anime

  • Nyl_
    Nyl_Пре дан

    ndak bisa basa enggres

  • Kurumi Akiyama
    Kurumi AkiyamaПре дан

    Scared when u ate me btw u got beautiful chest hair

  • Brody Cranmer
    Brody CranmerПре дан

    the rod reiss titan is biggest titan

  • K Ace
    K AceПре 2 дана

    2:14 15m is taller than that

  • Fae Peredo
    Fae PeredoПре 2 дана

    Also when the titan shifter is hurt if anyone notices this the titan shifter shows when the human turns into a titan the spot where they got hit/hurt it regenerates from the titan flesh which is pretty nice. If anyone notices that good job

  • Fae Peredo
    Fae PeredoПре 2 дана

    “The colossal titan” isn’t colossal it’s fat the tallest titan is rod Reis titan is way bigger and taller

  • chin chin
    chin chinПре 2 дана

    fishbones right......

  • Veon
    VeonПре 2 дана

    Technically the eren founding titan is the biggest but oook

  • Player the best one
    Player the best oneПре 2 дана

    Attack on Titan isn’t very good and overrated

  • Pablo Ramírez de Arellano
    Pablo Ramírez de ArellanoПре 2 дана

    "You are 5 times more likely to struck by..." *me a little guy So... there's a chance :D

  • Tiger204
    Tiger204Пре 2 дана

    I realy dont get how titan morphers have to bite themselves spacificly in the palm until it draws blood

  • Isaac Plays

    Isaac Plays

    Пре 14 сати

    Well It could be anywhere But The Thumb Is the Easiest place To Self Injure so you can Transform

  • Matt blue leaf reactions
    Matt blue leaf reactionsПре 2 дана

    If it was real LEVI I AM BEATING THR F OUT OF U B)

  • AmieW
    AmieWПре 2 дана

    i suggest to add japanese subtitle to rapidly increases view also use shingeki no kyojin instead of attack on titan

  • Zenitsu Gaming
    Zenitsu GamingПре 2 дана

    I like It so much

  • isa
    isaПре 2 дана

    how is levi taller than me

  • Troop #7368
    Troop #7368Пре 2 дана

    This is like the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen this video.🤣

  • Harry Pope
    Harry PopeПре 2 дана

    3:55. Hi

  • Chay Chay Choochaijaroen
    Chay Chay ChoochaijaroenПре 2 дана

    Why is the armored titan so weak in this vid

  • Universo compacto
    Universo compactoПре 2 дана

    "You wouldn't want to be anywhere near them when they start fighting" Meanwhile, a dude casually walking towards them: 2:34

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage KiraПре 2 дана

    Levi be like -_-

  • { Satoru Izanagi }
    { Satoru Izanagi }Пре 2 дана

    The reason why i didn't continue aot Because of that smiling titan so creepy.... And now she is also here in this vid...

  • Dominic Kirby

    Dominic Kirby

    Пре 2 дана

    I get that she's creepy but why would you drop a show just because of that? Genuine question.

  • Hmm.
    Hmm.Пре 2 дана

    8:47 his titan dislocates his arm

  • Miguel 11
    Miguel 11Пре 2 дана

    Cooll too

  • Miguel 11
    Miguel 11Пре 2 дана


  • Poncho 617
    Poncho 617Пре 2 дана

    Thick boy

  • Omar Moataz
    Omar MoatazПре 2 дана


  • Omar Moataz
    Omar MoatazПре 2 дана

    3:55 ………

  • Omar Moataz
    Omar MoatazПре 2 дана


  • LofiWackPainting
    LofiWackPaintingПре 2 дана

    I love all these 3D animations they’re so cool

  • Ayudhea NP
    Ayudhea NPПре 2 дана

    i want to see how big is the fish bone in real life 😞

  • Joel Erandio
    Joel ErandioПре 2 дана

    colossal nah its Rod reiss ok

  • Joel Erandio

    Joel Erandio

    Пре 2 дана

    no wait ots 160meters

  • FBI
    FBIПре 2 дана

    6:12 really?


    Bro You are so good at this.

  • Sergal Cube
    Sergal CubeПре 2 дана

    Get well soon buddy, sorry you hurt your collarbone :(

    DC2 ANIMATORПре 2 дана

    Is that guy talking a shift titan

  • The Red Eye
    The Red EyeПре 2 дана


  • Stephen lee Wood
    Stephen lee WoodПре 2 дана

    How I say eren: eren jeager how other ppl say it: eren yaaguhh

  • Dr. Deadpool
    Dr. DeadpoolПре 2 дана

    The colossal Titan might not look big but his transformation alone is deadly, it’s enough to take out an entire port

  • Anis Sha
    Anis ShaПре 2 дана

    6:43 lmao this is kinda sad for him

  • Noobmaster64
    Noobmaster64Пре 2 дана

    it's not pronounced as "ohkamai" it's "oh ka mee"

  • a a
    a aПре 2 дана

    :() me feeling disgusted af: oh cool

  • the man go AAA
    the man go AAAПре 2 дана

    The largest one is eren founding

  • VeryWeirdDev_ 1
    VeryWeirdDev_ 1Пре 2 дана

    The founding titan is 200+ Meters ;-;

  • Onee Chan
    Onee ChanПре 2 дана

    Where's Eren's founding titan

  • JaxonEdits
    JaxonEditsПре 2 дана

    The colossal Titan isn’t the biggest Titan the biggest Titan is the biggest titan is erens founding Titan, erens founding Titan is 350Meters

  • Uliana Zavyalova
    Uliana ZavyalovaПре 2 дана


  • Itstadpole 37
    Itstadpole 37Пре 2 дана

    I think a great idea would be a aot themed vr game

  • george manalo
    george manaloПре 2 дана


  • Alan Kent Gatus
    Alan Kent GatusПре 3 дана

    Really hit us with the tatakae in the end bruh

  • Carola Torres Vargas
    Carola Torres VargasПре 3 дана

    this has spoilers of attack on titan oh and btw this is the video that got me interested in attack on titan *thxs wren*

  • Pew Pew with Todd
    Pew Pew with ToddПре 3 дана

    This is absolutely Amazing!

  • koopee gaming
    koopee gamingПре 3 дана

    These are the guys who should’ve made the aot movie

  • YK08
    YK08Пре 3 дана

    Rod reiss is largest titan