VFX Artists React to the Moon Landing

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Niko, Wren, and Sam take a look some of the visual effects on display in the US Government's "Moon Landing" which supposedly took place in 1969.

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  • Vladislav Valentinov
    Vladislav ValentinovПре сат

    The crew should've made an air resistance simulation with particles. That's what I did in LightWave3D about 16 years ago, and what convinced me that the conspiracy is a dud.

  • Mace Windu X JumboStudios
    Mace Windu X JumboStudiosПре 2 дана

    Just remember, that your phone is more powerful than all of the computers that they used to "Get to the moon" This is a joke by the way, don't get mad at me.

  • Dylan Tupper
    Dylan TupperПре 2 дана

    Can you look at the moon landing scenes from apple's For All Mankind?

  • Lynx Dominance
    Lynx DominanceПре 2 дана

    Such a BS video

  • imnotgoodatnameingthings


    Пре 2 дана

    Why is that?

  • Kevin Jeng
    Kevin JengПре 3 дана

    Those must be brain control prevention hats aren't they?

  • M B
    M BПре 4 дана

    plz react to round earth shots

  • satyanarayan debbarma
    satyanarayan debbarmaПре 5 дана

    Plz make a video on Chinese School senior athlete recording running race while running along with the the athletes with camera and gimble in his hands.

  • Viktor Sosinov
    Viktor SosinovПре 8 дана

    There is NO fucking way on this earth that the moon landing was not real!! It's was real and it fucking happened I seen it on TV. Every time I look up at the moon I think how great it must have been for them guys to have so much fun up there. God bless our great nation. God bless President Donald Trump!

  • Tim Adams
    Tim AdamsПре 8 дана

    React to Love Death Robots.

  • superdanglyde
    superdanglydeПре 9 дана

    I want to see a Moon Landing R-Rated 👌

  • WhisKash
    WhisKashПре 10 дана

    So how'd we lose all the information and tech to get back to the moon?

  • imnotgoodatnameingthings


    Пре 2 дана

    Also extreme budget cuts

  • Entian QIU

    Entian QIU

    Пре 4 дана

    We didn't make Rocketdyne f1 engines for half a century. We don't have the supply chains and people who know how to make them. They have to be in their 70s at least now if they worked on them back in the day.

  • Trebor


    Пре 9 дана

    If you mean the Saturn 5 rocket the program was shut down.

  • Chris Foster
    Chris FosterПре 10 дана

    I INTENSELY pity all conspiracy theorists and especially moon landing conspiracy theorists…but all….ALL…..ALLLLLL pale in comparison to f**king flat earthers

  • Entian QIU

    Entian QIU

    Пре 4 дана

    Fun fact, most flat earthers start out as moon landing deniers who go down one rabbit hole too many.

  • andreina vargas
    andreina vargasПре 10 дана

    that is real

  • andreina vargas
    andreina vargasПре 10 дана

    that doesent look fake ):V

  • ReacT Firery
    ReacT FireryПре 10 дана

    I actually saw some wires on top of the Astronaut’s arm

  • ReacT Firery

    ReacT Firery

    Пре 10 дана

    @Mr Pickle lol

  • Mr Pickle

    Mr Pickle

    Пре 10 дана

    Yeah ok 😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Alter
    Jonathan AlterПре 14 дана

    I might be completely wrong, but can’t the space shots be done in 3D softwares?

  • Entian QIU

    Entian QIU

    Пре 4 дана

    In 1969? 😂

  • bdub1 (Bdub1)

    bdub1 (Bdub1)

    Пре 13 дана

    nowadays perhaps, but not in 1969 computers back then were warehouse sized, and 256 mb hard drives were a meter across back then it'd have to be done practically

  • Jay F Sith
    Jay F SithПре 14 дана

    Any Oats Studios productions, Rakka particularly 😃

  • Andy Denyer
    Andy DenyerПре 15 дана

    Please do a VFX artists react to UFO sightings. I’d be really interested in hearing your take on how easy it is to generate shaky and out of focus handheld/phone footage. I find it impressive how they often seem to match the autofocus with the surroundings (assuming it’s cg)

  • Handel Cardoso
    Handel CardosoПре 16 дана

    Gus Grisson claimed that Apollo was a bucket of screws and would never go to the moon. He was the Boss of the project.

  • imnotgoodatnameingthings


    Пре 2 дана


  • Entian QIU

    Entian QIU

    Пре 4 дана

    Yeah, sure... Source?

  • Legacy Worx
    Legacy WorxПре 16 дана

    create the flat earth model and use the lighting scheme flat earthers swear the moon and sun use and see how that would look on earth, I was gonna try this in Unreal, but I'm still just intermediate, maybe Wren would be a good candidate to do something to this effect?! Thanks for another great video my dudes.

  • squadric
    squadricПре 17 дана

    Easy...they used miniature models.

  • Entian QIU

    Entian QIU

    Пре 4 дана

    @Mr Pickle They did not.

  • Mr Pickle

    Mr Pickle

    Пре 10 дана

    Did you not watch the video

  • Niranjan sahoo
    Niranjan sahooПре 17 дана

    Watch Krrish 3

  • MrVipitis
    MrVipitisПре 17 дана

    To quote Elon Musk: you can tell it's real by how fake it looks.

  • Royce Daran Shakespeare
    Royce Daran ShakespeareПре 19 дана

    can we got a video on UFO footage

  • Andy Denyer

    Andy Denyer

    Пре 15 дана

    Seconded! Just commented the same thing

  • Andrei Hangu
    Andrei HanguПре 19 дана

    I didn't now I needed to see this...

  • King Koopa
    King KoopaПре 20 дана

    The mission was extremely dangerous. They even prepared a speech Florida President Nixon if Neil and Buzz died on the moon. www.archives.gov/files/presidential-libraries/events/centennials/nixon/images/exhibit/rn100-6-1-2.pdf

  • The Fasco
    The FascoПре 20 дана

    Checkout boycycle by salvatore gannaci (its a music video btw)

  • CSM101 T800
    CSM101 T800Пре 22 дана

    Do the Zapruderfilm please

  • mesonparticle
    mesonparticleПре 22 дана

    Explain this moon landing deniers. I’ll wait! 😘😘 rstree.info/round/video/aGujgqTGh3KLhJw

  • The Official Harsh Mahadik!
    The Official Harsh Mahadik!Пре 22 дана

    You should to Robot 2.0 movie's last fight scene on Bollywood reactions those are some really good ass fx.

  • malik zafar
    malik zafarПре 23 дана

    Please do one react to movie named MARTIAN

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo GarciaПре 23 дана

    Do more of this

  • CSDior
    CSDiorПре 24 дана

    They should try to recreate these shots and compare to the original footage

  • Joe Fiegel
    Joe FiegelПре 25 дана

    i loved this one! twas SO interesting

  • 1000000man1
    1000000man1Пре 25 дана

    Fun Fact: The Moon actually Does have an atmosphere. It's Just so laughably thin that it doesn't matter 😂

  • Bubbly Dragon

    Bubbly Dragon

    Пре 3 дана

    And before anyone says anything about being next to a vacuum: that's not how it works. The difference in pressure between the atmosphere and space is so negligible nothing gets pulled out. Earth's works in the same way, except slightly more complicated. Earth's atmosphere is a gradient. The only thing the vacuum of space can reach is the outermost layers of atmosphere, where the pressure is at its lowest, keeping the thicker stuff lower to the ground and away from the void

  • Cosmic Gaming

    Cosmic Gaming

    Пре 24 дана

    It’s said to be comparable with the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere... ...when you make it 10 trillion times thinner...

  • brocoli el 0
    brocoli el 0Пре 26 дана

    God debunking

  • brocoli el 0
    brocoli el 0Пре 26 дана

    Dis is de Best Video of iu in2021 dís wel get Lot of vius ante likes

  • Cody Taylor
    Cody TaylorПре 26 дана

    I've always wonder who took the shot of him getting off the lunar lander cause according to history he was the first one off... huh.

  • Appl3 YT

    Appl3 YT

    Пре 24 дана

    The module, it has a camera on it

  • Brad J
    Brad JПре 26 дана

    Why is Clint still in the end card, but not Peter, Jordan or Nat?

  • Shailditya Chhetri
    Shailditya ChhetriПре 27 дана

    Haha..jokes on you! I check the date before watching a video. (Idk why I do that..but I do.. :/ )

  • Trystan Levesque
    Trystan LevesqueПре 28 дана

    space marine vr game

  • Tyler C
    Tyler CПре 28 дана

    Do Bigfoot!

  • eskil walle
    eskil walleПре 28 дана

    Send a camra to the mon to get a hdr

  • aamir mdkhan
    aamir mdkhanПре 28 дана

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • Amy Wong
    Amy WongПре 29 дана

    Thank you so much for doing this episode! There is so much solid and reliable science and history to prove that the moon landing is real and actually happened, but personally I've never seen anyone tackle it from the perspective of VFX and whether or not faking it would actually be possible. I particularly love that you guys did your usual work and explained not only why certain shots would have been impossible or nearly impossible to fake, but also how you would have done certain shots with VFX.

  • Mahkus
    MahkusПре 29 дана

    Go and see the rock in scorpion king, 2001, NOW THINK HOW BAD VFX AND CGI WOULD BE 30+years later

  • MYTH
    MYTHПре 29 дана

    React for the movie "The green hornet" the split screen short i want to know how do they do that..

  • Engineer gaming
    Engineer gamingПре месец

    It’s so funny just seeing them hum along on the actual moon

  • David Lance
    David LanceПре месец

    You guys still wear tinfoil on your head? FOOLS. Only uranium is the perfect substitute to bounce radioactive materials and particles from reaching your head. You can’t get radiation if you’re already irradiated.

  • Appl3 YT

    Appl3 YT

    Пре 24 дана

    @DarkTheFailure agreed

  • DarkTheFailure


    Пре 28 дана

    @David Lance this man has surpassed all human intelligence

  • David Lance

    David Lance

    Пре месец

    @Sean Edryl Nicolasora The only way to best radiation is to BECOME radiation.

  • Sean Edryl Nicolasora

    Sean Edryl Nicolasora

    Пре месец

    What???? First of all uranium is radioactive so why are you saying that uranium will protect you from radiation even do uranium is radioactive thing

  • Golden Cameron’s Giles 2.0
    Golden Cameron’s Giles 2.0Пре месец

    I like how joe Biden was at the end

  • fred lonbottom
    fred lonbottomПре месец

    The dazzling gander complimentarily preserve because gorilla respectively peep following a brash grenade. bewildered, creepy adjustment

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer DoyleПре месец

    Every single moment, blueprint, foodstuff, staff member from every company and agency, 400,000 people, their pay records, budget records, invoices and God knows what else...all a matter of public record.

  • Ghaziyanda Rahmandi Fauzan
    Ghaziyanda Rahmandi FauzanПре месец

    Captain d would've known

  • Quacks
    QuacksПре месец

    Hey corridor crew, you guys were talking about needing a light thats similar to the sun to pull something off like this and I found this rstree.info/round/video/bpqjdKOpg6eFl7A. Might be worth looking into ;)

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322Пре месец

    Breakdown the Blue and Black dress that broke the internet

  • Kyo
    KyoПре месец

    yes yes the footage couldnt have been faked, but everyone saying how EASY it is to actually go to the moon as opposed to faking it... that is not what they meant at all. sure the computer technology or real world feats needed to fake the footage wouldve been ages behind where they needed to be, but sending a group of HUMANS to the MOON in terms of physics, is, literally astronomical. have some respect for the insane achievement we made 60 YEARS ago

  • Jimmii Nguyễn
    Jimmii NguyễnПре месец

    Please explain to me guys. About the running on the moon's surface. Why a hundred pounds or more body (mass) could be able to bounce on a "no-gravity surface", dig-kicking the surface's dirt and dusts but the dirt and dusts themselves instead of floating for a few seconds, they just sank right in? This could only happen on EARTH.

  • Nickles


    Пре 24 дана

    The reason why the ground material seems to behave differently is because it’s not being affected by air (at least to the same degree as on earth). Since there’s practically no air to make less dense objects “float,” the effect of gravity is more apparent. Since the dust particles don’t have wind currents to be carried on, they continue to fall to the floor. The astronauts “float” along because they’re used to more gravity, so their muscles would act like springs. Before I get into gravity, I’m going to make the distinction between mass and weight. Mass describes how much matter is in a defined space. Weight describes how heavy a certain mass is under gravity. So weight can differ between planets and outer space because there’s less gravity (of course there’s gravity from stars and whatnot, but that’s only apparent when you aren’t in any kind of orbit). Mass doesn’t change, since you would need to remove a chunk of “stuff” to change an object’s mass. Think of it this way: weight needs to be measured with a scale, because it requires gravity to work. Mass you could measure by displacement, like putting it in a glass of water and measuring how much the water rises, since mass describes an amount of matter (this “glass of water” concept can also work in zero-g, it just requires a bit of setup). Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about gravity. Gravity describes how an object pulls on another object with a force proportional to its mass. Basically, bigger thing pulls more on smaller thing because bigger thing has more stuff in it. This is why the moon’s gravity is less; the moon’s core matter is less dense (has less mass in the same space) than the earth’s. Going back to the “pull,” this is the acceleration due to gravity, which is the same for any object on a given planet regardless of the object’s mass. The reason why everything doesn’t fall at the same speed on earth is because there’s air on earth, so objects with low mass or density will be carried by the force of wind currents. TL;DR: The astronauts are used to more gravity, so the lower moon gravity means their legs can make them jump higher. The dust falls faster because there’s no air to make it float.

  • Federico Manzetti

    Federico Manzetti

    Пре месец

    Regolite dust follows a completely parabolic trajectory, without any turbulence, floating or suspension given by air motion, that behaviour would be possible only in a 1/6 g and void environment

  • dyxjs 2

    dyxjs 2

    Пре месец


  • TheNixie1972


    Пре месец

    First: on the moon there is not a "non-gravity" situation. There is a situation with gravity, just like on Earth. But the gravity is much smaller, because the moon is much smaller than Earth, about 17% of Earth's gravity. Please get your facts correct. This means that all acceleration to the surface is much slower on the moon: 1,6m/s^2 instead of the 9,81 m/s^2 on Earth. So when the man jumps up his upward motion is only slowed down with 1,6 m/s^2 which gives him this high jump and also slow decent. The dust however is hardly kicked upward and therefore much sooner accelerated downward. As there is no air resistance (due to there not being any air on the Moon) the dust is not slowed down like on Earth. So contrary to your statement this footage could never happen on Earth, not even in a (large) vacuum chamber.

  • Jimmii Nguyễn

    Jimmii Nguyễn

    Пре месец

    @dyxjs 2 You are really funny. I do not need to be taught what are mass and weight. Answer my questions please. So on the moon dirt, dusts, stones and rocks are anti-non-gravity but not body weight heh? Funny.

  • John Omen
    John OmenПре месец

    never search on youtube "STOP MOTION en la Misión Gemini"

  • Appl3 YT

    Appl3 YT

    Пре 24 дана

    @Jan Strzelecki this is me

  • Jan Strzelecki

    Jan Strzelecki

    Пре месец

    Why not? I mean, from time to time, one should be entertained by dumb conspiracy "theories".

  • Asad Chishti
    Asad ChishtiПре месец

    Whos was filming when the spaceship was orbiting around the moon?

  • dyxjs 2

    dyxjs 2

    Пре месец

    Micheal collins, the commander of the service module

  • Josh R

    Josh R

    Пре месец

    the orbiter was filming the lander module coming back after leaving the surface

  • Music Laboratory
    Music LaboratoryПре месец

    "the ceiling would have to be so high and so bright" Okay I have a theory. What if, and hear me out in this... The ceiling was the vastness of space and the light was the Sun!...

  • Appl3 YT

    Appl3 YT

    Пре 24 дана

    Thats a good theory! This could be a proof of its fakery!

  • Video Game NERD!
    Video Game NERD!Пре месец

    Corridor: It is too big, and you need so much light! Flat-earthers: hmm so there is a chance...?

  • Vynix
    VynixПре месец

    well fucking finally lol

  • Timer Twinkler
    Timer TwinklerПре месец

    The Aliens On the moon be like: ⡯⡯⡾⠝⠘⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢊⠘⡮⣣⠪⠢⡑⡌ ㅤ ⠟⠝⠈⠀⠀⠀. ⠡⠀⠠⢈⠠⢐⢠⢂⢔⣐⢄⡂⢔⠀⡁⢉⠸⢨⢑⠕⡌ ㅤ ⠀ ⠀ ⡀⠁⠀⠀⠀⡀⢂⠡⠈⡔⣕⢮⣳⢯⣿⣻⣟⣯⣯⢷⣫⣆⡂ ⢐⠑⡌ ⢀⠠⠐⠈⠀⢀⢂⠢⡂⠕⡁⣝⢮⣳⢽⡽⣾⣻⣿⣯⡯⣟⣞⢾⢜⢆⠀⡀⠀⠪ ⣬⠂⠀⠀⢀⢂⢪⠨⢂⠥⣺⡪⣗⢗⣽⢽⡯⣿⣽⣷⢿⡽⡾⡽⣝⢎⠀⠀⠀⢡ ⣿⠀⠀⠀⢂⠢⢂⢥⢱⡹⣪⢞⡵⣻⡪⡯⡯⣟⡾⣿⣻⡽⣯⡻⣪⠧⠑⠀⠁⢐ ⣿⠀⠀⠀⠢⢑⠠⠑⠕⡝⡎⡗⡝⡎⣞⢽⡹⣕⢯⢻⠹⡹⢚⠝⡷⡽⡨⠀⠀⢔ ⣿⡯⠀⢈⠈⢄⠂⠂⠐⠀⠌⠠⢑⠱⡱⡱⡑⢔⠁⠀⡀⠐⠐⠐⡡⡹⣪⠀⠀⢘ ⣿⣽⠀⡀⡊⠀⠐⠨⠈⡁⠂⢈⠠⡱⡽⣷⡑⠁⠠⠑⠀⢉⢇⣤⢘⣪⢽⠀⢌⢎ ⣿⢾⠀⢌⠌⠀⡁⠢⠂⠐⡀⠀⢀⢳⢽⣽⡺⣨⢄⣑⢉⢃⢭⡲⣕⡭⣹⠠⢐⢗ ⣿⡗⠀⠢⠡⡱⡸⣔⢵⢱⢸⠈⠀⡪⣳⣳⢹⢜⡵⣱⢱⡱⣳⡹⣵⣻⢔⢅⢬⡷ ⣷⡇⡂⠡⡑⢕⢕⠕⡑⠡⢂⢊⢐⢕⡝⡮⡧⡳⣝⢴⡐⣁⠃⡫⡒⣕⢏⡮⣷⡟ ⣷⣻⣅⠑⢌⠢⠁⢐⠠⠑⡐⠐⠌⡪⠮⡫⠪⡪⡪⣺⢸⠰⠡⠠⠐⢱⠨⡪⡪⡰ ⣯⢷⣟⣇⡂⡂⡌⡀⠀⠁⡂⠅⠂⠀⡑⡄⢇⠇⢝⡨⡠⡁⢐⠠⢀⢪⡐⡜⡪⡊ ⣿⢽⡾⢹⡄⠕⡅⢇⠂⠑⣴⡬⣬⣬⣆⢮⣦⣷⣵⣷⡗⢃⢮⠱⡸⢰⢱⢸⢨⢌ ⣯⢯⣟⠸⣳⡅⠜⠔⡌⡐⠈⠻⠟⣿⢿⣿⣿⠿⡻⣃⠢⣱⡳⡱⡩⢢⠣⡃⠢⠁ ⡯⣟⣞⡇⡿⣽⡪⡘⡰⠨⢐⢀⠢⢢⢄⢤⣰⠼⡾⢕⢕⡵⣝⠎⢌⢪⠪⡘⡌⠀ ⡯⣳⠯⠚⢊⠡⡂⢂⠨⠊⠔⡑⠬⡸⣘⢬⢪⣪⡺⡼⣕⢯⢞⢕⢝⠎⢻⢼⣀⠀ ⠁⡂⠔⡁⡢⠣⢀⠢⠀⠅⠱⡐⡱⡘⡔⡕⡕⣲⡹⣎⡮⡏⡑⢜⢼⡱⢩⣗⣯⣟ ⢀⢂⢑⠀⡂⡃⠅⠊⢄⢑⠠⠑⢕⢕⢝⢮⢺⢕⢟⢮⢊⢢⢱⢄⠃⣇⣞⢞⣞⢾ ⢀⠢⡑⡀⢂⢊⠠⠁⡂⡐⠀⠅⡈⠪⠪⠪⠣⠫⠑⡁⢔⠕⣜⣜⢦⡰⡎⡯⡾⡽

  • Ryan Cortez
    Ryan CortezПре месец

    they obviously just built a fake moon and put it in orbit then sent them to the "moon" duuuh

  • †Liberty or Death†
    †Liberty or Death†Пре месец

    Fake as fuck.

  • imnotgoodatnameingthings


    Пре 2 дана

    You have bean brainwashed

  • Jack Whitlock

    Jack Whitlock

    Пре месец

    You have to press Play

  • ‏‏‎ ‎
    ‏‏‎ ‎Пре месец

    Moon landing real

  • Bernát Kun
    Bernát KunПре месец

    You really should try to fake the moon landing!

  • Appl3 YT

    Appl3 YT

    Пре 24 дана

    Great Idea

  • olivier koster
    olivier kosterПре месец

    hilarious video, one problem: that documentary come out recently, so they would have today's CG!

  • Nickles


    Пре 24 дана

    Well you could say that about any documentary made recently that showcases old footage. Somewhere there are the video reels that were recorded on the cameras they used on the moon, but sadly the fact that the documentary was recently released is enough for some people to cry foul.



    Пре месец

    No just no

  • will waggenspack
    will waggenspackПре месец

    Please do Patterson film

  • raul valencia
    raul valenciaПре месец

    Can we see a foley artist reacts cause I would like know how certain sounds are made such as the last scenes of S2 E5 of The Boys. Plus I think it would be great if foley artist get some recognition.

  • Esteban Franchina
    Esteban FranchinaПре месец

    What's the documentary that is referenced on this video?

  • Martin Hargrave
    Martin HargraveПре месец

    You've really got to go back and do a VFX Artists React To your own project, Sync.

  • Mason O.
    Mason O.Пре месец

    Can y'all do the JFK assassination?

  • Doodle Boi

    Doodle Boi

    Пре месец

    Next April fools.

  • edin
    edinПре месец

    Do a "VFX Artists React to Glitches in Reality"!!!

  • Bryan
    BryanПре месец

    Where are the stars then Nico! Where are the stars

  • imnotgoodatnameingthings


    Пре 2 дана

    @Nickles + the fact that the moon reflectes a lot of light makes it even worse

  • Nickles


    Пре 23 дана

    @dyxjs 2yeah the stars are so faint compared to everything else that if there’s something remotely bright even your eyes won’t be able to maintain the dark vision.

  • dyxjs 2

    dyxjs 2

    Пре месец

    at that time, the cameras were not able to comprehend the contrast of the brightness of stars and the shear darkness of space, so thats why the stars are not visible

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    I wanna see you guys react to all the alien ufo videos now

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    Hey guys I suggest you react to K/DA Villain the animation is just crazy >

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    This was so good!

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    Maybe the cheapest way to fake the moon landing is to go to the moon.

  • KatanaQuits
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    I like how the comments are normal but the replies on them are just more “MoOn lAndINg fAkE” conspiracists.

  • Jacob Heuving
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    Neil took the first mirror selfie in out of space

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  • Tristan North
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    thank you for doing this

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    Corridor needs to react to the Jubilee video about the moon landing being fake and the earth being flat

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    Take down 9/11 footage to see if it could've been faked

  • FireWorX_
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    nah, conspiracy theorists would still believe the moon landing was fake because they lack the logic and critical thinking part of the brain

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    Or they just want attention

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    Breakdown how the Peterson Bigfoot footage. I'd like to see how Corridor would recreate that hoax. 😁

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    I knew it moonlanding is fake Earth is flat.

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    @chad you can never trust anyone

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    Jaiveer Katial

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    @chad these days you can never know

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    @Jaiveer Katial He's joking

  • Jaiveer Katial

    Jaiveer Katial

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    They literally said it in the video its impossible to fake. And earth is round, catch up to the 17th century

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    You can replicate parallel illumination to an extent, though it would be hard to do at this scale! But would be fun to see you try! rstree.info/round/video/bpqjdKOpg6eFl7A

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    I love that you are breaking down these footages from a film maker’s perspective.

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    I just want you to know that they would have to have our times of VFX, they did not so it was NOT faked. I'm very fun at party's.

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    Corridor needs to fake the moon landing

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    Your comments about technical things are lame, you never considered ~alien tech~

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    I thought this was going to be about For All Mankind :(

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    You guys sit here and debunk the "no moon landing" conspiracy, yet you have parroted the flat earth conspiracy which is far more dangerous and radicalizing

  • Enzombie
    EnzombieПре месец

    One of the main reasons people believe the moon landing is fake is because for no reason the Nasa wouldn't anyone have the original stream, they made every news outlet point their cameras to a wall where they proyect it the image. And also they lost the original tapes later, like dude, it's peak of human kind and you don't make backups of the video? You have to admit that's pretty weird

  • Jan Strzelecki

    Jan Strzelecki

    Пре месец

    @Enzombie _First you say that they made backups and later you say that in that time they didn't have the modern mentality of making backups_ No, I meant to say that they didn't have the mentality of actually _recording_ important stuff for posterity. That backup was them going above what they usually did, _precisely_ because it was that important - but since the original transmission went through, and they didn't have any means of converting backups into a standard format with a better quality than they already had, they were deemed expendable. _and also, why did they to destroy the original tapes_ There was no "original tape". The transmission was supposed to be live, to be viewed _once._ Again, the backup was made in case there were problems with live transmission.

  • Enzombie


    Пре месец

    @Jan Strzelecki First you say that they made backups and later you say that in that time they didn't have the modern mentality of making backups, wich one is it? and also, why did they to destroy the original tapes and kept the backups wich where just a video proyected on a wall???? you can't tell me that isn't a little werid

  • Jan Strzelecki

    Jan Strzelecki

    Пре месец

    _is because for no reason the Nasa wouldn't anyone have the original stream_ There was a perfectly good reason for that: at that time, there was no way for them to actually convert that stream other than filming it off the screen. Please realize that at the time there was no practical way of recording video streams longer than 30 seconds or so, so the "record the video off the screen/monitor on a film" method was actually widely used as a recording method. It was called Kinescope. You can look it up. _And also they lost the original tapes later_ No, they lost backups. Or, to be more precise, since backups were made just in case the live broadcast fails, and it didn't, they've decided to reuse them afterwards after running out of tapes. Because we still have the original recordings, the ones made off that wall. _like dude, it's peak of human kind and you don't make backups of the video?_ In the 60's, they actually _didn't._ They didn't have our modern mentality, the means to easily record video footage, or the means to easily convert the footage from one format to another.

  • Mark van der Molen
    Mark van der MolenПре месец

    Let's go! VFX artists react to big foot /loch Ness monster footage

  • gemini star
    gemini starПре месец

    Amy Shira Teitel, her RStree channel "The Vintage Space" does an excellent explanation of how the Apollo Astronauts filmed and photographed on moon. "Why you don't see stars" rstree.info/round/video/a6Olh4HHdaqCn4Y "Why the images look ghostly" rstree.info/round/video/qXxkonS5k36hgJw "First step" rstree.info/round/video/h7ChhZ65ioSpom0

    Xx_STAR-LORD_xXПре месец

    The moon landing was staged on the moon

  • Alan Milner
    Alan MilnerПре месец

    Have you ever looked at the World Trade Center. That has to be one of the most damaging conspiracy theories out there. A thorough debunk how the buildings really collapsed because of the impact and the following firestorm must be addressed. Challenge.